IQbana, Welcome

IQbana is a brand that supplies clever solutions concerning solutions and materials. IQbana products are of high quality EPP (expanding Polypropylene). The product has a great design and is of high quality. IQbana products are 100% recyclable. EPP is very light, extremely strong, durable, highly insulated and frost-resistant.

IQBANA Supplies:

Lightweight planters

Our lightweight planters are easy to use because of their low weight. Their insulation creates a comfortable climate inside the planter and keeps the roots in good shape. Our planters are for inside and outside use. For more characteristics and information about these products look at products or click planters


Handy to store your articles. Behind the clever “slide” you can write down the articles you have put in. Give it as a birthday present and slide your best wishes or a picture of the person whose birthday it is in the slide. Kids use it as a toybox and a stool. The Slidebox is also used as a promotion or business gift with the company logo. For more information about the Slidebox look at products or click slidebox


Use them for storage or as a hocker or stool. Because of its high insulation the cube is can also be used as a cool box, but also to keep food warm and transport it safely. The possibilities of the Cube are endless. For more information about the Cubes look at products or click cubes


Additional to the above products IQbana also delivers some specials: Cool box, Herb planter, wine rack, etc. For more information about our specials look at products or click specials